Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wild Blood v1.0.7 (APK+DATA)

Wild Blood v1.0.7 Full (APK+DATA). King Arthur has gone mad, fueled by his jealousy toward Lancelot for romancing his wife, Queen Guinevere. In his desperation, Arthur has been tricked by his sister, the all-powerful sorceress Morgana Le Fey, to open the Hellgate and allow all forms of demons to enter the world. Meanwhile, Morgana has captured Guinevere and holds her hostage on the magical island of Avalon.


Instructions : (Non-Root / Online)

  1. Install APK
  2. Download cache file and extract '' file to 'sdcard/Android/data/' using 7-zip
  3. Launch the game online (You need to be online only to launch the game. after loading the game, press 'Home button and turn off Wifi)

Instructions : (Root / Offline)

  1. Install APK
  2. Copy '' folder to sdcard/Android/obb'
  3. Download TB [Jelly Bean] or Download TB [ICS]  and Copy 2 file in TB zip to Titaniumbackup folder and 'Restore' > 'Data only'
  4. Launch the Game

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